Our software engineers have decades of experience and are experts in some of the most popular web technologies in use, such as:

Don't see your technology? Don't worry.

You don't become experts in your craft without having the skill to continuously learn new things and actively experiment with new technologies. Chances are we could learn what you need us to.

Don't let a missing logo stop you from asking if we can help you.

What We're Good At

React App Development

Building applications with React is the core of our business. Why? Because we’re really good at it.

React is a trusted technology for building web and mobile applications and we literally have decades of combined experience using it. Kyle has been building applications with React for over 10 years already, starting in 2014. There’s a high likelihood you’ve read some of his writing on the topic and it might even be why you’re here seeking his expertise.

If you’re a company or a founder with a new application to build, you can trust Kyle and the rest of the team at Agathist to do the job right.

React Migrations

Do you have an existing application you want to migrate to React? We can definitely do that.

We’ve been writing React for over a decade and know exactly what you need to start incrementally adopting React today. We’ll get your local development pipeline set up, and get you and your team developing with React right away.

React Design Systems

Want your applications to look more consistent? Be faster to build? More accessible? Of course you do.

Let Agathist build you a branded design system that enables your teams to deliver better products faster. We’ll not only write the components (and the tests), we’ll also set you up with Storybook, an automated visual testing and documentation tool, so you’re team is ready to roll right away.

Site Revamps

Do you have a content site that needs revamping? Want to migrate it to something really modern and lightweight like Astro. Let us do that. Astro is what we use to power this very site. We’d love to help you adopt it.

Codebase Improvement

Know your codebase is a mess and need help making it better? We can do that.

Let us audit your codebase and develop a strategic plan for improving it. From there, we can hand the keys back to you to implement the plan, or you can let us execute it for you.

We can help you refactor or rewrite crufty parts of your codebase. Revamp or port your websites and apps to a more modern stack. Improve your testing experience, your dev environment, your tooling, etc. Anything to make it easier for your team to ship great products.


Have a team you love, but they could use some help leveling up? Whether it’s writing better React components, or adopting TypeScript, we can train your team with a custom workshop.

Kyle has put on workshops training 100s of developers to be better at their craft since 2018. He has multiple courses covering topics from React, data structures and algorithms, functional programming, state management and more.

Consider adding a workshop as an additional way to set your team up for success when you hire Agathist.